How Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroying America

“A fundamentalist is one who believes in a literal interpretation of sacred books, and a third of Americans believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. That’s about 10 times more than any other developed country in the world. It’s entirely possible to be a religious believer and to accept science, but not if you’re a literal religious believer. You can’t believe that the world was literally created in six days, and be open to modern knowledge.”



Great quote, from an interview with Susan Jacoby over at AlterNet about her new book, The Age of American Unreason. Worth a read! Why do we want our president to be dumb? What’s wrong with being “elite”? If you had a brain tumor, wouldn’t you want your surgeon to be elite? Wouldn’t you want the best? Who wants morons in charge? Apparently, we do.

“No country in the West democratized education earlier, but no country has been more suspicious of too much education. We’ve always thought of education as good if it gets you a better job, but bad if it makes you think too much.”

Read it…


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