Writings Elsewhere

From Stone to Living Word

The Jesus of Suburbia

How Postmodernism Serves (My) Faith: Questioning Truth in Language, Philosophy and Art (a crappy review of a crappy book)

A Church Not Made With Hands: Christianity as Spiritual Experience by Michael Roden

The Mind’s Past, by Michael S. Gazzaniga, a book review (9.5.05)

Underworld, by Don DeLilo, a book review (8.26.05)

Land of Delight If you live in a tourist destination what’s your excuse for not having the time of your life? (8.25.05)

The Thunderbird a visit to a venerable local tourist institution (8.22.05)

War of the Worlds a review of Spielberg’s latest movie (8.13.05)

Forgotten Signs of the M-204 Corridora retrospective exercise in local consumer culture (8.11.05)

Review of “The Big One”, by Michael Moore – This was the first ever, original, ur-review of this movie, seen in a preview screening. All the other reviews are derivative!

The Island – the persistence of landscape

Whip it Good! – a primer on surviving winter in Northern Michigan

Redemption Songs – a rumination of the promises of technology

God’s Country – a diatribe against corporate greed

Gathering Time – how to appreciate what you have, even if you aren’t a rich tourist

Clouds for Dinner book review

Manitou Apple – one of my favorite pieces, written to my daughter

Seasonal Break – fiction

Extreme Ice – fact or fiction? you be the judge

Local Hero – memories of Hemingway

Remission – ode to autumn

Don’t Cry for me Cincinnati – yet another rant on tourism and consumer culture

The Passing of an Era – a baseball memory

What I Learned in School – rambling review of Bruce Catton’s Waiting for the Morning Train

Dimmick’s Point – a book review of My Point of View, by Glenn C. Furst

Looking Down – the notion of Michigan, and lifestyle migrants

The Long Winter – fiction

The Gentrification of Leelanau County – the original rant against yuppies and poseurs

Summer Ice – this was the most fun a writer can have and not get in trouble

Words, Words, Words – the sort of thing you might read on a transatlantic flight – pretty bland really

Light in March – poetry

Chicken Shoot – a childhood memory of Christmas presents past, written for my kids

Northern Spirits Distilled – book review

The High Window – book review and tribute to Raymond Chandler’s placed based writing

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