littlefinger map“Work was like a stick. It had two ends. When you worked for the knowing you gave them quality; when you worked for a fool you simply gave him eyewash. Otherwise, everybody would have croaked long ago. They all knew that.”

from “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”

This is where I live. This is where I work. You gotta keep ’em separated.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi M,

    You have a great site here… thank you for sharing it with me. I love your blogs… you say it all so well. Thanks again!


  2. Your view on a thread posted on LSCN has been quite interesting to say the least. It wasn’t stated that what was posted was fact, it was simply an email that was shared on a boating website. The pictures were fascinating and I, for one, didn’t have the time to research the details like you do apparently. I also know not to believe everything I read, most of us don’t, so you were at least correct by saying “Nobody seems particularly bothered that they have been fed phony information” If it had been THAT important to us, trust me, the correct information would have been found.

    You’re comments about me and others on the Lake St Clair.net are SO off base it’s not even funny.
    Your opinion about me is not even close to being correct. Who are you to insinuate I do not care about others and how dare you make ridiculous comments about the lyrics from a song that has to do with something personal that happened in my life. If you took a moment to research and asked me what it means, you MAY then understand and then MAY be embarrassed by your clueless comment. “Convincor” IS my interest. He is my fiancé and the board name is the type of boat we had owned. Google is a wonderful search engine. Your inaccurate comments about people you do not know are rude.

    You have a lovely day. You have provided us entertainment with your ridiculous blog and on a side note, you take life way too seriously.

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