Sovereign Deed

“If a company comes to you and says, ‘I want to build a plant here but I don’t want you to tell anyone. If you don’t agree to that, I’m going to go somewhere else,’ what are you going to do?” Johnson said. “If you say no, haven’t you hurt the public interest more?”

The Michigan Land Use Institute has posted a story about a nefarious organization called Sovereign Deed, whose purpose seems to be to provide private sector emergency protection to the rich, seeing as FEMA is only for poor chumps with no connections to power, and nobody expects it to work any more. It’s another Blackwater type scenario – fear-based entrepreneur with checkered past sees opportunity to make money for self and fellow patriots at the expense of taxpayers. From the article:

Meanwhile, others are questioning the background of the company’s founder, Barrett Moore. Mr. Moore, an Illinois businessman, previously formed Triple Canopy, a multi-million-dollar company that provides armed security in Iraq. The Michigan Messenger Web siteand Northern Express, the region’s weekly alternative newspaper, reported that Triple Canopy eventually fired Mr. Moore and sued him for “raiding the company’s financial accounts to enrich himself and pay his personal expenses…”

Moore, meanwhile sees it differently:

“Even while the company works to provide its clients ground-breaking life-critical services in the face of disaster, an anti-establishment group seeks to disrupt these objectives by trying to undermine Sovereign Deed’s effort to construct a National Response facility in the State of Michigan. They use unscrupulous and defamatory tactics to promote their agendas. Their bias is evident.”

So, I ask you, how did it come to this, that a privately owned company would secretly use “Pellston’s airport, a publicly owned facility, as a private national emergency response headquarters.” In times of emergency, who do you think would get preferential treatment – Sovereign Deed subscribers, or the great unwashed masses who merely pay taxes?

Yes … I can feel the “superior protection” trickling down now, even as I write.

For more info see the excellent Northern Express article on Sovereign Deed, from which comes this quote:

Analysis: Membership Has Its Privileges
By Anne Stanton

Imagine putting out wildfires in California, but only helping the people who paid $19,000 in annual premiums to insurance giant American International Group.
California clients who lived in a select zip code area were offered the option of extra fire protection. Their homes were sprayed with a special fire retardant, and further protected by a red fire truck that zoomed around to extinguish the fires.
Naomi Klein, a Canadian journalist, has been almost prescient in privatized mega-disaster rescue. Her book Shock Doctrine just arrived on bookstore shelves, in which she makes the case that the cronies of President George Bush are profiting on the misery, violence, and incompetence of this administration.

Read it, and pass the word!


5 thoughts on “Sovereign Deed

  1. In San Diego, BLackwater ran to “mommy” when it couldn’t have its way through normal city procedures. They ran to a Bush-appointed federal judge who bald-facedly argued with our city attorney, scoffing at his arguments, before granting Blackwater what it wanted. Judge Marilyn Huff disregarded and jumped over city land use procedures so Blackwater could proceed with their plans for firing ranges and training grounds for combat- right here next to our border with Mexico. Beware the rubber-stamp justice department, now just another yes-man department for Bush. We also are plagued with a retrograde County Board of Supervisors that decide what is best for us without even notifying the public. We also need to remove them all from office.

  2. Yes… sounds depressingly familiar. If it were not for the durability of our Constitution I firmly believe the Bush gang would have re-made this government entirely in their own image, as opposed to what they have in fact done, which is already bad enough.

  3. Sovereign SLEAZE is baaaaaaack —- Sovereign Deed clears hurdle with FAA approval
    By Noah Fowle News-Review Staff Writer
    Friday, June 13, 2008 11:06 AM EDT

    Sovereign Deed LLC C.E.O. Barrett Moore pictured in a Vernon Hills warehouse, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008. Moore’s company helps people across the nation prepare for catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks and killer storms. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

    PELLSTON — The FAA approved the non-aeronautical use request by the Pellston Regional Airport, clearing one hoop in Sovereign Deed’s efforts to build its National Response Center.

    There are specific provisions in the June 4 letter that would allow the airport to reclaim the land, should it be needed for aeronautical use in the future.

    “We want the airport to retain ownership, so that if the land is needed it will be returned,” said Elizabeth Isham Cory, a spokeswoman for the FAA. “This particular plot of land is open, and not being used.”

    Kelley Atkins, the airport manager, said following an official review by civil counsel, the airport can begin its negotiations with Sovereign Deed in earnest.
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    “This is just one step in the process,” he said. “If there are no objections, the next step is to sit down with Sovereign Deed.”

    Lyn Johnson, the Emmet County controller, continued his support for the project, stressing the money and funding the company would bring to the area. Johnson also pointed out that there are safeguards put in place to limit any risk taken by the county in the deal with Sovereign Deed.

    “Whatever they build, if the business falls through, it becomes ours,” he said. “I fail to see how that’s a negative.”

    Earlier this year, there was much stronger opposition to Sovereign Deed. Some locals decried privatized disaster relief as wrong and raised questions about past business dealings of Barrett Moore, the company’s CEO. However, given the nature of the region’s economy some say it’s hard to continue to oppose Sovereign Deed.

    “I’m not surprised, but I’m disappointed things are moving in this direction,” said Cindy Mom, a Petoskey resident who had voiced her opposition to Sovereign Deed earlier and admitted to letting the issue fall by the wayside as of late. “Everyone wants a better economy and more jobs, but I think they duped Northern Michigan into accepting and embracing this thing without being honest about how many jobs they are really bringing here.”

    Moore did not return repeated requests for comment by press time.

    Noah Fowle439-9374 –

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