Stopping by the Woods Haiku

I pee in the snow.

An owl hoots right above me.

Suddenly, I’m here.


2 thoughts on “Stopping by the Woods Haiku

  1. This is actually deep, on many levels. Consider, for example, the implied contradiction made possible by the title, the juxtaposition of Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” with downstreamer’s “Stopping by the Woods Haiku”. Think, for instance of the endings – Frost’s “Miles to go before I sleep,” to downstreamer’s “Suddenly, I’m here” and you begin to see the difference: being in time, or being out of time (“out” here not as in “finito, hoopla, time’s out” so much as “outside of”). “In time” is finite, while “out of time” is infinite. Frost’s poem then, in dwelling on its own finitude, very much implies a death wish, in the end, from a little man without options, while “Stopping by the Woods Haiku” is both life-affirming and jarring at the same time. Sensational without being sentimental.

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