#5218 – Dan Harris by Sam Harris on meditation (Part 1 of 2)

It’s this thunderous truism: We all know on some level that we are thinking all the time, that we have this voice in our heads, and the nature of this voice is mostly negative. It’s also repetitive and ceaselessly self-referential. We walk around in this fog of memory about the past and anticipation of a future that may or may not arrive in the form in which we imagine it. This observation seemed to describe me. I realized that the things I’d done in my life that I was most ashamed of had been as a result of having thoughts, impulses, urges, and emotions that I didn’t have the wherewithal to resist.


Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 – Editor: Dustin LindenSmith

I suppose I’m fleshing out a theme on meditation here, with this week’s and last week’s issue. And perhaps I have an ulterior motive: I’ve long thought that nonduality holds the key to the resolution of all types of worldly and interpersonal conflict, and I also believe that meditation can help us to transcend our petty notions of self that can entrench us so deeply into particular positions that foment further conflict.

We received some negative feedback about last week’s issue that covered the meditation practice of Los Angeles-based television and radio personality Shadoe Stevens. Granted, it’s fairly easy to level judgment against a low-minded celebrity like him for arriving so late to the meditation party. It’s even easier to discount the worth of whatever awakening experiences he describes having had, particularly if he’s not overly lucid in how he describes…

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