Bad Stories

The great Katha Pollitt, over at The Nation, has this to say about the almost unapproachable topic of gun control:

The trouble is, as with so many aspects of conservatism—the anti-choice movement, the Tea Party, Ron Paul—“gun rights” supporters win on intensity and single-mindedness. We have common sense, but they have a master narrative: rugged individualism, patriotism and self-defense (which includes paranoid fantasies about threats from ordinary people in turbans whom they are too ignorant to realize are Sikhs, not Muslims…and obviously I’m not saying it would have been less horrific and more “understandable” if Page had attacked a mosque).

Oh, God.  She’s right.  There’s no reasoning going on here, just knee-jerk fear of the unknown.  God help us.


One thought on “Bad Stories

  1. Religion is the by-product of primitive forbearers who lived in fear of being eaten. Just think how far we’ve come, in spite of religiosity, and how fantastic it is to be able to reflect on the progress of our species, culture(s) & society – on our collected knowledge and think, wow, there’s so much out there we still don’t know! We’ve fought hard, thought even harder, and killed alot of innocent fellow beings in the name of this god nonsense. Isn’t it time we looked at ourselves as being rational enough to know right from wrong – I mean one human to another? Why do we need to give every bit of undiscovered knowledge over to an imaginary thing or some master scheme? What is so comforting about knowing there’s some higher plan while millions of our fellow beings are suffering all around us and we do practically nothing?

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