Fossil Dude

So, I get this random Fossil catalog in the mail, and I check it out, and this is what I see.  I mean really, what’s your demographic here folks: the gay, black, lumberjack dude whose crazy aunt knitted him this hideous polyester cardigan for Christmas?  I mean, crimony!  What’s this outfit meant to do for anybody, apart from scare away little children!

So, coming today out of a work-related seminar on “poor communication of messages, goals, and expectations”, and free associating in my mind that image of the black lumberjack ad, whose subtext I evidently just don’t get, I also think about our local “Chinese Carry Out” whose name happens to be the “Hang On” Express.  They answer your phone calls with: “Hang on!”  And so the waiting begins….

btw, the equivalent link to the above sweater for the online white dude such as myself seems to be here, but the same principles (above) still roughly apply…  I mean, ladies, would you want to bring this guy home to your parents?


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