Fun with Teeth

I’ve endured about 5 days of pain with tooth #18, which is now out, thank god!  I learned that there’s only so much vicodin is good for.  After you take it the pain is still there, but it changes into an interesting entity.  Without the vicodin there is something else, something best described as raw fear.

So, anyway, it started on Christmas Eve (Thursday), which is a bad time to be needing a dentist.  Fortunately, my own dentist saw me on Saturday, in his jeans and T-shirt, and set me up with pain killers and a root canal for Monday.  The root canal dentist did his job, but discovered, upon completing the procedure, that the tooth was cracked – a bad vessel – so all that was for nothing.  Tuesday (yesterday) I went to the teeth pulling dentist (dentist #3), and he did the business, starting with laughing gas, then an IV sedation, so I remember very little.  I do know that I had the most glorious 3 hours of sleep yesterday afternoon, post op, when I got home.  I awoke to sunlight, and thought I might be in heaven.

This whole thing has put me in mind of two of my favorite dentist related movies, and here they are.  First is Peter Sellers as Clouseau, pulling the wrong tooth under the influence of laughing gas.  It hurts me to laugh today, but on the other hand it does me good.  For those of you in a hurry, go in about 4 minutes for the extra good part.

The second is from Marathon Man, with Dustin Hoffman, in which a Nazi dentist gets hold of the wrong guy (Dustin Hoffman), whom he assumes knows the whereabouts of his stolen diamonds.  He doesn’t.  The Nazi dentist, played by Laurence Olivier, scared me off dentists for years.  Is it safe?


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