The fear based community

Watch this.  Another brilliant video from Chase Whietstead and New Left Media, interviewing the cornpone Hitlers who have come out to have their Sarah Palin books signed.  It finishes with the only quote I can agree with:  “I’m very much afraid of what’s happening in America.”


One thought on “The fear based community

  1. interesting video!

    I wonder if any of those people read the books they were holding?

    Although i’m not really sure what this proves? If they took video for 12 hours… and then made a montage of the dumbest 8:22 minutes of it…

    I think it would have been very interesting to have a conservative video editor, and a liberal, each make their own 8 minute video.

    Is the point of the video to show that there are dumb people in America? or is it that people who like sarah palin are dumb?

    This is kind of similar:

    The interviewer found obama supporters, and asked them if they were happy that obama picked sarah palin for his VP. They all said yes! WTF?

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