Simple, really

I used to do TM regularly for a number of years.  Not so much anymore.  Still, I get the emails, and today I got one which seemed so eminently sensible and simple (like TM), so obvious really.  They’re calling it “Maharishi Ayurveda”, but really, there’s absolutely nothing esoteric about it (like TM).  For someone like me

Me in the morning

Me in the morning

who has been waking up, wracked with guilt about late night snacking, reluctant to even look in the mirror for fear of seeing that image of Nick Nolte looking back at me, somehow this makes perfect sense:

“Maharishi Ayurveda is a natural approach to calm the physiology, restore inner balance, and master the challenges of daily life. Try it for yourself by applying some of our easy tips to help regain health and fitness:

  • Go to bed early; ideally before 10 PM.
  • If your schedule allows, don’t use an alarm clock for one week. Allow your body to naturally sleep for as long as it needs.
  • After your morning shower, practice Yoga or some easy exercises.
  • Wait for 1½ hours after waking up before you have breakfast.
  • Don’t eat between meals unless your stomach really starts growling.
  • Make lunch the main meal of the day. Eat a lighter meal in the evening.
  • End your meal when there’s still room to spare, before you feel completely full.
  • Once a day, leave the car parked and go for a 30-minute walk in the fresh air.
  • Avoid eating late at night. Try to have dinner between 5 and 7 PM.
  • Favor a lighter diet and avoid foods which are heavy and difficult to digest, like meat, fish, cheese, and fried foods.
  • For better sleep, let the day end in quietness. Instead of watching TV, read some pleasant literature or listen to relaxing music.”

Yes, by gum, I think I’ll try this out.  I already go to bed early, so that’s a given.  What about the beer though….?


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