Nice picture, shame about the artist statement.


I'm melting, melting!

“Andrew Rieder creates his own folklore and mythology through a personal narrative. It is his goal that his work be informed by its artistic content, namely perception and stereotype. “To be engaged in perceptual drawing and painting is to be in constant state of combat with one’s own visual assumptions and stereotypes,” states Rieder. His atypical media of oil paint and permanent marker on panel serve as a provocative metaphor for the assumptions and stereotypes that we must battle in our daily lives.”

Oh yeah?  Isn’t the artist statement the equivalent of the guy who tells a joke … and then has to explain it?  I mean, I really liked this picture, until I read the explanation.  Did Cezanne need this kind of auto-ethnographic infrastructure to make his pictures more real?


One thought on “Nice picture, shame about the artist statement.

  1. i actually enjoyed the artist’s statement, it helped me understand better where the artist is coming from while making his work. You can still like the painting for your own reasons, but I also appreciate hearing the artist’s perspective

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