Edward Hoagland


I’ve spent some time today reading a very quirky essay in the current Harpers by Edward Hoagland.  I did some further reading and found a lot to like.  Here’s a quote from an essay in The Nation of July 3, 2002, entitled 1776 and All That:

“The oddity of greed nowadays is that it is so often solo–in the service of one ego–not ducal or kingly, as the apparatus of an unjust state. Overweening possession, such as McMansions and so on, will be loony in the century we are entering upon–ecologically, economically, morally, commonsensically. But how will we realize this, short of disastrous procrastination?”

Another culled from brainyquotes.com

“Country people do not behave as if they think life is short; they live on the principle that it is long, and savor variations of the kind best appreciated if most days are the same.”

And a third from bookpage.com of February 2001:

He [Hoagland] advocates political radicalism and social conservatism. “Political radicalism opposes the forces that are destroying nature, such as rampant capitalism, private enterprise with no limitations put on it, no environmental limitations,” he says. “Social conservatism opposes what removes us individually from nature, such as computerization, the dissolution of communities — human communities — and of course the destruction of natural areas, of nature, of habitat, and the dissolution of traditional social boundaries which fit human beings to live in nature, boundaries which involve altruism, courage, community and personal attachments.”

Hoagland.  How did I come this far without discovering him sooner?


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