New start

It’s Ground Hog Day, and that means winter is officially half over.  But the worst is behind us, I have to believe.  I have to believe it because otherwise I would have a hard time facing February.  But I have better reasons for believing that old man winter is slowly fading away.  Today there were noisy crows in the trees, and a smell of the lake: moisture, and things that smell.  The wind is fresh, and the temperature is up to 21 degrees F now, at 10:20 am.  That’s up from 4 degrees at 7:00.  Something is perking.

Also, I forced myself to get on the NordicTrack for half an hour this morning, before work, and I am starting to remember the connection between exercise and mental well being.  Those guys who exercise tend to be more cheerful and…. able to cope with setbacks – helps with looking on the bright side of life, and all that.  There’s a reason Winston Smith was forced to do calisthenics in the morning.  It made it less likely for him to see the awful truth, and more able to cope with the horrendous pressures of work.  Note to self.

Happy Ground Hog Day, comrades!!


One thought on “New start

  1. A friend of mine from Philly read your response to a post on and passed your name along to me in the hopes that I would “know” you because we both live in Leelanau County. I wanted to make your acquaintance after reading your views, specifically on the Gentrification of Leelanau County. I appreciated how honest and objective you are about this phenomenon that I have noticed but couldn’t put into words as well as you.

    I enjoyed reading your publications very much. I also write, and am looking for an outlet for it. I want to start a creative writing class for the students of Northport, but because I am not certified in English, I cannot teach one.

    I would be very interested in beginning a correspondence with you if you have the time. I am fresh out of college and I am open to any ideas that would help me become a better teacher and world citizen.

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