Winters not even here yet.

Winter's not even here yet.

Last week somebody took out four of the five mailboxes at the end of our driveway – snapped them off at the base.  In winter it’s not uncommon for the county snow plow to knock the mailbox off the post with heavy, wet snow, but no … this was the full mailbox monty, done by a car or truck going off the road.  I came home to find a jumble of splintered wood and mangled mailboxes under a heap of heavily caked snow. Naturally, no notes were left.

I mention this only as yet another instance of the vicissitudes of life in Northern Michigan, as winter hunkers down and stays.  The snow started on November 19th, and has pretty much kept on coming.  We have seen almost no sun in that time.  The above picture could not have been taken in the last two weeks because it is too sunny.  And yet, it is representative of what it is like at this point, today, December 10th, still more than 10 days away from the official start of winter.  It’s going to be a long one.


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