The Brightest and Best

Quick link to an absolutely stunning essay over at Truthdig, entitled, “The Best and Brightest Led America off a Cliff” , of which this below is but a snippet:

“The people I loved most, my working-class family in Maine, did not go to college. They were plumbers, post office clerks and mill workers. Most of the men were military veterans. They lived frugal and hard lives. They were indulgent of my incessant book reading and incompetence with tools, even my distaste for deer hunting, and they were a steady reminder that just because I had been blessed with an opportunity that was denied to them, I was not better or more intelligent. If you are poor you have to work after high school or, in the case of my grandfather, before you are able to finish high school. College is not an option. No one takes care of you. You have to do that for yourself. This is the most important difference between them and the elites.”

Hedges’ main point is that the standardized tests we take have contributed to the dumbing down of even (especially) the prestige universities, like Harvard, Yale and Princeton, and that these pampered graduates have been raised to never think outside the box.  They are the ones who have gotten us into this mess, with complacency and lack of imagination.  Read!


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