The long, awful nightmare is over

A beautifully crafted essay over at truthout, from a mother who lost her daughter on 9/11, a mother who has suffered in our collective eight year nightmare in her own way, and is now ready to re-enter life, thanks to the election of Barrack Obama. Let the healing begin:

” I see George W. Bush, too, dancing on the White House lawn, pitiable in his singular diminishment. It’s over. Cheney and Rove can’t protect him. Obama needs only to appear to shrink Bush’s image. What must that feel like? Where is my anger at him? My outrage? Gone. All that’s left are tears. Even his dog betrays his petulance and tells me that that’s all that was in him – to have done such damage to a nation and to a world. Laura Bush says about Barney, “That’s the nature of Scotties.” I hear so much more.”


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