In an act of extraordinary generosity and kindness, a friend has seen fit to give me one of his paintings, a little number I fancied when I first saw it at one of his showings, and came very near to buying… but ultimately (due to peevish sloth and inertia) did not. So imagine my delight when Dan (I’ll call him) decides to up and give me the very painting, to thank me for trying my best to be professional in my job. I’ve had the painting for a few weeks now, and I am liking her more and more each week. I didn’t know where to put her at first, trying out various poses within the house, until finally realizing that she was crying out to be placed discretely, near a north facing light.

So I’ve taken “Rose,” as I’ve come to call her, away from the hustle and bustle of the quotidian life, and sequestered her under the stairs, in front of the bookcase. And there she stands, inviting me, as it were, to sit and have a “good read” ….. aaaannnd a good deal more, old chap: some privacy and peace in a hidden corner of the house, out of the stream of things.

Look at her. Look at the way she’s framed in the canvas, and then look at where she’s hung, and you’ll see it: she has left a spot open for you, and here it is. You can sit here if you want – it’ll take them at least a half an hour to find you. Come on, it’s ok.

Yep, that ol’ “negative space”, with its “negative entropy” – works for me every time. And with essentially only two colors at work, its Picasso-like classical simplicity and elegance make it fit right in. I love it!


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