Between shots

I am not one for complaining, as you all know (and for those of you who do know me – that was meant to be sarcasm), but really it has become just too stressful to watch the tennis this morning.  Baseball is still ok, for now, but tennis on tv has become one intense highlight reel.  Between shots, after the volleys are over, the  replays run, and sometimes run right into the next shot.  Federer vs. Nadal.  I like gaps between play.  I love the time, the expansiveness of time between pitches in baseball, the chance to think about what just happened and what is about to come.  Tennis should be the same.  You should be able to just watch the volleys, and then think about what just happened, and what needs to happen next.  But instead we are shown replays – guys diving, sliding, fist-pumping, etc.  This is ok once in awhile, but after every shot?

And that’s my two cents.


2 thoughts on “Between shots

  1. Hey Andy Rooney, why don’t you tell us how you feel about people who talk on their cell phones while driving?

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