Jackie Broyles 08

jackie_broyles.jpgJackie Broyles, from the hilarious Travis and Jonathan team, has announced his presidency. Here’s a snippet from his site, which is well worth a visit:

“My fellow americans:

Aren’t you sick of candidates who actually WANT to be president? Let’s face facts- anyone who honestly wants to be president is a conniving corporate shill who is only in it for the babes, or the quick bucks.

We deserve better- we deserve Jackie Broyles….

Despite Jackie’s insistence on having nothing to do with his own bid for the presidency, it is clear that no other candidate has as much to offer the american people.

Jackie is a businessman, an entrepreneur, and a pillar of his community. He’s unable to get a driver’s license, but he owns half a dozen legal shotguns, and has used them on an almost daily basis for the last forty years.”

I think he deserves a look! You could do worse than Jackie Broyles.


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