Big Waves

I was sent some amazing pictures recently…. and it turned out that they were not what they seemed. Here’s what I wrote :

Bigwaves1Bigwaves2“The first picture … is an aerial shot, taken from above and in front, as the ship makes its way through a mild chop on a sunny day…. The other four pictures are entirely different. They are POV shots taken from ship level, the 500 foot bow stretching out into the distance like an exercise in depth perspective. The water has changed to a swirling chaos which now and then reforms itself into a frightening onslaught of overwhelming ferocity. In picture three the waves tower dizzyingly above the distant bow. In picture four we see the boat engulfed in a white froth, with vague outlines of the bow beneath. Picture five, the most frightening of all, shows a massive blue wave completely engulfing the entire bow, and seems to show the 730 boat bending and perhaps breaking at the far extremities…..”

read the rest of this fascinating essay here


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