tjupurru.jpgWicked good stuff: guy playing didj dub

Must have!

Thanks to KCRW song of the day for the free song, and the chance to listen to things that nobody will ever hear on the “normal” radio.


One thought on “Tjupurru

  1. When my (then 5-year-old) first heard “Dwelling Place of the Radiant Mind” off Inlakesh’s “The Gathering” CD, she crinkled her nose. I dragged her over to the computer and pulled up a pic of the Easter Island Statues.

    “If those guys could sing,” I said, “that is what it would sound like.”

    Thanks for this tune tip and the comments at my place and Ed’s.

    : )

    (I never do that silly smiley face thing, but hey, everyone has their moments–please don’t tell anyone!)

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