Charlie Wilson’s War

Went to see the above mentioned movie yesterday at the local cineplex, and was immediately put into a bad mood due to the fact that I hate the local cineplex experience with a passion… but missed the movie when it was on offer at the State Theater, so had little choice. You go in and you feel dirty. It may be dark, but I still have a pretty good idea where I am, and it’s not clean. It stinks of rancid popcorn, and all those people who turn out look like escapees from Idiocracy, with the Big Slurpys, etc. Then there’s the constant boom which comes seeping in through the thin walls of the next movie – Star Wars V perhaps? Lastly, you have to sit through about a half an hour of advertising (dog food and Bod spray) and bad propaganda from the National Guard, directed at the poor slobs who might be tempted to go and get their ass shot off in Iraq. Yes, well, at least the movie was good.

And here’s the amazing thing: I swear, Philip Seymour Hoffman played a character based almost entirely on a colleague of mine, circa 1985. It’s uncanny! The mannerisms, the hair, the slightly tinted glasses – I would say he ripped it off. See what you think:



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