Writers Mugs

I discovered a neat site, called WritersMugs. Basically, they do block print portraits of authors, thinkers, philosophers, etc., and sell them. They also have a quotes and book excerpts page. The quotes themselves are very well chosen, going a bit beyond the stereotypical stuff. I clicked on Richard Brautigan and found this:Brautigan
“It’s strange how the simple things in life go on while we become more difficult,” which struck me as much more profound than anything Brautigan had ever written, frankly, despite the fact that I’ve always loved Brautigan, since my high school days. It’s just that I thought I had outgrown him. There’s also this, from Brautigan:
“Probably the closest things to perfection are the huge absolutely empty holes that astronomers have recently discovered in space. If there’s nothing there, how can anything go wrong?” – which again is very advaita vedanta stuff. Problem is, I don’t know where exactly I would find these quotes – it doesn’t say.

Hunter S. Thompson

Even Hunter Thompson comes across as vaguely philosophical:

“The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”


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