Revenge of the Zombies

You start watching it because of the title: “Revenge of the Zombies.”  Press the info button on the remote and you get this: “Revenge of the Zombies. 1943.  A mad doctor makes zombies for Hitler after practicing on his wife.”  Hmmm.  Sounds interesting.

Part of the seasonal offerings leading up to Halloween, when all of the truly awful movies come out again, this one (you think to yourself) sounds so bad, it might actually be good.  So you watch it, keeping in mind the zeitgeist, the cultural underpinnings, the milieu of 1943 wartime America.  Good luck with that.  Hitler you understand, but why did the mad scientist (John Carradine, father of David, later of Kung Fu fame) start practicing on his wife in the first place?  What does that tell you about the state of play between men and women in 1943?   And why zombies?

So, for a laugh, you watch, enjoying the stagey placement of characters, the lazy camera work, the zombie-like acting of everybody, actually, not just the zombies, come to think of it, and the overall Badness of the whole production.  And as you begin to tune into the dialogue you start to realize that this is perhaps truly the worst movie ever, all things considered, for in the space of only five minutes you hear lines such as these:

“I don’t know what your plan is, but if it has anything to do with vengeance, we might act together,” (spoken with a Rumsfeldian flourish by mad scientist John Carradine, just prior to diverting suspicion away from himself).


“You know, I find this mixture, which I invented myself, to be an excellent stimulant for the digestion,” (spoken by Carradine again, as he pours out laced libations for the unsuspecting dummies who are about to find themselves strapped to a zinc table in the basement).

Wow.  When I say this movie is bad, I mean Baaaad!


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