One of my favorite features of Private Eye is the lookalikes section. I always see resemblances between people – it’s how I remember the features. I remember watching Wimbledon earlier this summer – the titanic struggle between Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer – and it suddenly dawned on me that Nadal reminded me of Richard Pryor. It was the about the mouth, actually – the way Nadal’s smile would slowly turn into something else, something like a distracted grimace. So I searched all over the web for pictures of the two, Nadal and Pryor, but was unable to find just the right match. But, strangely enough, I started to come across pictures of the two of them resembling each other in other ways. So here’s what I submitted to Private Eye.

“I have detected a marked resemblance between the late comedian, Richard Pryor, and recent Wimbledon semi-finalist, Raphael Nadal. I was wondering… could they be, in any way, related?”



I’m still waiting for them to get back to me.


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