Special yogurt

What a great town San Francisco is.  At some point, however, I seem to have picked up an especially persistent strain of food poisoning that won’t quite leave – bad sushi perhaps?  I’m walking along, minding my own business, and it’s as if the bottom has dropped out of the elevator for a minute.  And the bloating!  I think I might need some of that special yogurt that women eat.  But enough about me and my health issues.

The Traverse City  Film Festival is in full swing, and we have been seeing some good movies.  Only one exceptionally good movie, however, and that is Tuya’s Wedding, the only truly cinematic offering so far.  It’s beautifully done.  More later, perhaps.  Also, went to see the latest Bourne movie last night.  It was ok.  I think Bourne is now a dead horse.  There are very clear hints at the end that there will be a “Son of Bourne Reciprocity”, or something, but that would not be wise.


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