November morning, post election

An undeservedly warm and blue November day prevails here, and it is as if the thinnest slit of light has pierced through massive and slowly parting steel doors. Metallic scraping and industrial mist. A noise like Dr. Who’s Tardis, then peace, as the dust settles, and we see a way forward. It is (to quote an old cliché) as if a great weight has been lifted off our backs, leaving us free to consider a way to move forward. It’s entirely possible for good things to happen now.


2 thoughts on “November morning, post election

  1. I guess Rumsfeld’s departure is a good idea now. Probably not as good an idea anytime during the last five or six years, but definitely now when it will be harder to justify his incompetence to the new majority. Cut and run – smart move.

    By the way, TARDIS is an acronym and should be capitalized (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). Yup, huge dork. I just signed up for Netflix and I should get the 1987 series Rememberance of the Daleks anytime now. Can’t wait.

  2. There’s a neat article on Doctor Who in “London Review of Books”, 22 June, 2006, part of which I quote below:

    Halfway through the second series of new-century Doctor Who, and it’s looking dicey. The problem became clear to me in episode five, ‘Rise of the Cybermen’, as the relaunched 1970s arch-villains stamped in their silver moon-boots across the stately home’s front lawn. Fundamentally, they just aren’t Daleks, are they? The first series, the one that was on last year, had Daleks, hordes of them, and what a delight they were: gliding like priests, talking like Nazis, chimerical yet simple, and with that unpleasantly ambiguous relation to the ground beneath them. I wasn’t aware I had missed them until, suddenly, they were back. And back, too, was that sound made when the Doctor is arriving or departing, the scraping, groaning contractions of the Tardis – so wonderful, warm yet terrifying, the sound of childbirth, I always think, as heard by the baby.

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