Earth to Lao-tzu .. come in!

The Master does his job
and then stops.
He understands that the universe
is forever out of control,
and that trying to dominate events
goes against the current of the Tao.
Because he believes in himself,
he doesn’t try to convince others.

Tao te Ching, verse 30, (Stephen Mitchell)

Yes…. sounds good in principle. But did Lao-tzu ever work in an educational instsitution? Yayayayayayaya yiiilkes! (shouts to self). Brugghhhhaaa! (shakes head and rubs drool from slack jaw). Here it is, a fine Saturday morning when I should be rolling out of bed late with not a care on my mind and all I can think about is the appallingly slow rate of change involved in even the most elementary and obvious decisions that needed to be made yesterday but still have not been made around me, above me, beside me, with me. It becomes embarrassing, not to say hugely frustrating to see obvious solutions to problems, and then to see those in control fail to make those decisions.

Is it like this everywhere, or have I landed in my own special circle of bureaucratic bungling? Can it be possible? Why do I, a small cog in a big wheel, feel like a human cattle prod, every time I engage in an exercise in the bloody obvious? It’s like herding cats, loading mercury with a pitchfork, rolling a great rock up a hill… only to see it roll back down again, every day, every day … unless somehow, with some herculean effort, you manage to actually get that rock up to the top and pushed over the other side once and for all. But wait, the rock comes back up the backside of the hill and down on top of you from behind as you are brushing your hands together and walking complacently downhill, falsely assuming that you have actually solidified a piece of business, once and for all.

Lao-tzu, what were you thinking??


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