Where is Corrente?

One of my favourite, most literate, hard edged blogs is corrente. I logged on last night to read the outraged comments of some of my fellow patriots, only to find this picture. Immediately I started thinking the unthinkable. What about all those incendiary comments I have posted, comparing G.W. Bush to an evil moron? Is this the end of Rico?

As of this morning, still no Corrente.


2 thoughts on “Where is Corrente?

  1. As a blogger emeritus I’m not really much in the loop anymore, but I can tell you that the ISP is currently adrift and it will be fixed soon. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks Riggsveda! emeritus??? Waaaa. I want ya back!
    I miss my corrente!!!
    It was very difficult to find an update. I had to use gada.be 🙂

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