We saw an eagle being chased by three crows this morning. The eagle swooped low over the road and down to the left, low over the water, trying to shake the crows. Quite a sight, and I wonder if it’s an omen? Mighty eagle pestered by crows.

Today is May Day, and what is interesting is the way things will play out when all the illegal aliens stay home. Meat packing plants will be crippled. Construction in L.A. will come to a halt. And sooner or later this government will have to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants in the work force.

Bush and co. are not known for their “tolerance for ambiguity”, to use a phrase which has recently become synonomous with “intelligence”. The mass demonstrations are good, I think, because they will force our lawmakers to come terms with the situation, and stop being ostrich hypocrites. Or phony eagles.

Happy May Day!


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