I haven’t bought a new tennis racquet in about 20 years, so I figure I’m due a new one. I checked online and found some sweet deals, but was confused by all the technical specs they have nowadays (already I hear the incipient “old fart” voice creeping in), so I asked a colleague to help explain what all the numbers mean. It’s apparently all about stiffness and balance… but he had some better advice. He had just been to MC sports and discovered a “bargain bin” of old racquets, off to the side, all covered in dust and going for a mere $20.00, strings included. These were, according to him, perfectly good racquets, but so last year’s model. Hey, like I care?

Off I went last night to M.C. sports. I looked all over the place for the markdown bin. Couldn’t find it anywhere, so, reluctantly I walked up to a sales assistant, a swarthy young lady who seemed to be assembling a basketball hoop/pole thing, the terminology escapes me.

“Excuse me… uhh… a buddy of mine was in here recently and picked up a good deal on a tennis racquet. He mentioned something about a bargin bin? somewhere off to the side? but uhhh.. I can’t see where it is.” Already I wish I hadn’t spoken to her.

“A bargain bin?” She says the words “bargain bin” as if i have just farted, turning up her nose and sneering at me openly.

“Yeah… he mentioned it.”

“No. I don’t think so. There are some clearance items, but they are all right there with the other ones, up on the wall.”

“Yeah… ok, well thanks,” I mumble, and slink off. Cheapskate.


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