Miers posturing

Finally, a breath of fresh air from the Christian Defense Coalitiion on the Hariet Miers nomination:

“It is also patronizing to promote Ms. Miers’ strong Christian beliefs as a way to gain support among people of faith and in particular evangelical Christians and the ‘religious right.’ Do not patronize us by assuming that we will immediately support Ms. Miers, as a Supreme Court Justice, because we hear she is an evangelical Christian. Although the faith community welcomes someone who honors God in their personal life, the larger questions that must be addressed are where one stands on the Constitution, their judicial philosophy and their fundamental view of the law. At this point in time, we have no idea where Harriet Miers stands on those issues. To the supporters of Ms. Miers and the White House–please stop treating faith as a political commodity.”

Yessssss! Tell him to shove it, in other words. It’s about time Christians of good will started to realize that they’ve been had by Bush, whose religious convictions seem to go about as deep as his intellect.


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