Good Day

Well, it’s a fine morning and I am getting ready to launch myself into the fray of work. Open house tonight, so long day of being nice and presentable.

I am not keeping up with my reading reviews, but want to mention right here and now that I’ve recently finished John Banville’s “Shroud”, and can recommend it highly. Banville is Irish, little known over here, but a major talent. I intend to read more, and have already ordered his new one, “The Sea”, and bought another one at Borders on Sunday. A fantastic writer, using the full range of the English language. More to follow.

Also just finished Graham Swift’s “The Light of Day”, which started well, but then seemed to drag, almost as if Swift were being paid by the word. As with all of Swift’s work, the book deals with possibilities, forking branches in history, personal and collective. This one is a glorified whodunit, a semi-psychological thriller, that degenerates into an interminable series of rhetorical questions in the end. Disappointing.

Lastly, I am currently reviewing a book called “A Church Not Made with Hands” for Foreword magazine, which should come out early in 2006, I think. Neat stuff. Gotta go…


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