Sad State

In my more benign moments I have been almost persuaded that George W. Bush is “probably a very nice guy”, or that he would be “OK to talk to at a barbecue”. Almost. First off, I wouldn’t talk to him at a barbecue, and second off he is not my idea of a nice guy. But then, it takes all kinds, and I suppose somebody out there must have found him affable, but not me. I can’t stand him.

As if I needed reminding I was indeed reminded by the sight of the president making his fatuous speech of “encouragement” to the citizens of New Orleans (none of which can hear of see him, due to complete lack of infrastructure), assuring them that “we will get through this and be the stronger for it.” This, after hiding out for a day or two in the first place, nowhere to be seen. Then yesterday I saw him interviewed by Diane Sawyer. “Nobody could have foreseen the collapse of the levy,” he said. Nobody?! FEMA knew the levy was dangerous, and federal funds were needed to shore it up. In fact EVERYBODY knew that New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. Incompetence doesn’t begin to describe Bush. He sits there with that stupid grin, as if he’s just been hit upside the head with a 2 x 4 and the little birdies are still circling all around, the very picture of stupidity compounded with a cavalier disregard for the suffering of his fellow man. Great to talk to at a barbecue? What could that mean?

Meanwhile, The Revealer makes a great point about the lack of comment from the Christian Right:

“Also notably lacking in the response to this disaster are suggestions that Katrina is a punishment sent by God. When the tsunami struck Asia, such notions came from across the spectrum, but most pungently from Christian conservatives who noted that Aceh, an “exporter of radical Islam,” as National Association of Evangelicals president Ted Haggard put it, had been hardest hit. Such neanderthal theology apparently does not apply to the U.S.”

So, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Rod Parsley, and all you pillars of righteousness, what’s your theory on this one? Who’s being punished this time, and what for? Are you excited, you dispensationalists, that the end times seem indeed to be coming? What are your conclusions? Who got punished for their lack of personal responsibility this time? How can you make this fit the religion of exclusion?


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